George Lauffer, Associate, is the POTADV Insight author. He previously served as The Potomac Advocates BRAC 2005 Newsletter author and BRAC 2005 Senior Strategic Advisor.

George was the Republican Staff Member on the Senate Armed Services Committee responsible for the Military Construction Program and Base Closure. His duties during the 13-year tenure on the Committee included: reviewing the services military construction budget request; advising members on the military construction program; staffing military construction hearings; preparing military construction authorization bill; and assisting members’ staff in preparation of military construction legislative initiatives.

George drafted or assisted in drafting major legislation on base closure, utility privatization, military family housing privatization and leasing of military facilities. He served as the point of contact on the Senate Armed Services Committee for BRAC 1993 and 1995. In that role, he coordinated and monitored the efforts of the Base Closure Commission, Department of Defense and General Accounting Office in carrying out their respective responsibilities in support of the closure legislation. He served as the primary Republican staff member responsible for drafting the legislation authorizing an additional round of base closures in 2005.

In addition to his duties on the Senate Armed Services Committee, George served as the Senior National Security Staffer for Senator Thurmond (R-SC) from April 1989 to December 2002. He was responsible for drafting legislation and preparing position papers on defense issues, including those relating to South Carolina. He also provided counsel and advice to the Senator and his personal staff on all defense matters.

George retired from the United States Army in 1989 after attaining rank of Lieutenant Colonel. While serving in the Army George was a Field Artillery Officer and Army Aviator, served two tours in Vietnam, and one in Germany. Additionally, George was Deputy Chief, Plans and Operations, Office of the Chief of Army Legislative Liaison from 1983-1987, and Inspector General, Secretary of the Army Inspector General Agency from 1987-1989.

George received his Bachelor of Arts, 1966, from Oklahoma State University, and Master of Arts, 1982, from Webster University.