Gary L. Sojka is a partner and co-founder of The Potomac Advocates. He focuses his efforts on representing defense, intelligence, electronic, and transportation companies before the executive and legislative branches. In addition, he assists companies perform executive search, acquire domestic and foreign technology, identify teaming arrangements, obtain large-scale financing, and sell products overseas.

Prior to joining The Potomac Advocates, Mr. Sojka served for eight years in the U.S. Senate, on both the Armed Services Committee and the Intelligence Committee. Mr. Sojka had programmatic responsibility for space and intelligence programs, including advance research and development, totaling over $30 billion per year. He chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Arms Control Group and provided oversight of numerous, sensitive foreign policy activities. During these years, Mr. Sojka became a seasoned negotiator, managing numerous provisions through mark-up, floor debate, and conference. He worked with both the executive branch and foreign representatives to insure proper execution of programs.

Mr. Sojka started his career in the Office of Naval Intelligence, where he managed collection and analytical efforts concerning foreign military threats. He subsequently moved to the Defense Intelligence Agency, where he supported high-priority operational programs under the auspices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Towards the end of his career in the executive branch, he performed several projects for the Director of Central Intelligence.

Mr. Sojka is Secretary and Treasurer of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, a non-profit organization specializing in technology policy. The Institute provides non-partisan analysis of technology and technology policy to leaders in government, business and academia.