Nicholas Babiak


Mr. Babiak, Associate, is the President of SKYLET, Inc. He has over twenty years experience as a senior executive, commercial business development, senior program manager, technologist, and senior science advisor for commercial industry, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and the United States Air Force. He has extensive experience in virtually every phase of military science and technology including research, development and testing of a broad range of state-of-the-art weapon systems. He is a recipient of the Department of Defense’s Top award for program management, the “Pioneer Award,” has Top Secret, SCI clearances, and was promoted to the Rank of Air Force Colonel four years before contemporaries. Currently Mr. Babiak is responsible for developing a new core company that provides executive management services in support of DoD, commercial and academic interests and short-term position trading on equities. These executive management services include business development advisory services, corporate management services, and investment management services. He has successfully captured new business from large corporations such as Lockheed Martin to a variety of smaller corporations such as ViaSat and Nanodynamics. Previously, Mr. Babiak served as Vice President, Business Development, Cambridge Research Associates. Within three years of joining the firm, he doubled its revenues. Prior to that, he was Deputy Director of the Systems Center, Defense Mapping Agency, Department of Defense. Before serving at the Defense Mapping Agency, he attended the Air War College, where he graduated with honors and highest academic achievement award and was the winner of the best technical research paper, “ADA, the New DoD Weapon Systems Computer Language--Panacea or Calamity?” He was the only student who was also an instructor; he taught “Technology for Future Warfare.” Mr. Babiak has also served as Chief of Emerging Technologies for the United States Air Force; Office of the Secretary of Defense; Deputy Director, Very High Speed Integrated Circuits (VHSIC); and Principal Advisor on Embedded Computer Resources to the Deputy Chief of Staff/Logistics and Engineering, Headquarters, USAF.